We hope that you all had a great start into the new year 2019!

We from Helios Avionics are looking back to a year of many adventures where we were able to gain a lot of experience.

Our milestones of the year were the following:
In April, 2018 we have been represented for the first time at the AERO with a own booth. The AERO exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany is Europe’s largest aviation fair.
In October, 2018 we won a prize at the “Liberaler Mittelstand” startup fair in Stuttgart, Germany.
In November, 2018 we were invited to participate at the China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen. We participated and spent an impressive amount of time for our company in China!
By the end of the year, we have also finished the production of our SensorBox, the perfect complementation of Horizon, and were able to expand our range of products. Furthermore, we launched an update of Horizon – Your Portable Glass Cockpit, developing our flagship product to a next level.

We would like to thank anyone of our friends, customers and supporters for making all this even possible and for a fantastic year 2018!

Your Helios Avionics Team

Pitching Event Martin Wendnagel CHTF

Martin Wendnagel, Max Dirlewanger at the CHTF

Helios Avionics Thank You