Firmware Update for the SensorBox

Here you can find a firmware update for the SensorBox. It fixes the minor bug that the SensorBox can be connected to WiFi networks containing exclamation marks within its SSID (e.g. Fritz!Box). Without the firmware update a connection to a WiFi network’s SSID that includes exclamation marks is not possible.

As a following, you do not really need the firmware update when your WiFi’s SSID does not contain any exclamation marks. However, if it does, you should install the firmware update on your SensorBox.

You can install the firmware update by:

  1. Downlading it (see below)
  2. Establishing a connection between your SensorBox and a Linux Computer (or VM)
  3. Using the PatchTool (see below) and running:
PatchTool 2020-04-25.tar.gz

This copies and installs the firmware update on your SensorBox.

In case you have any troubles or questions, please reach out to us via:

SensorBox Horizon Glass Cockpit paper2