Links for manual installation:

Current Release:

Horizon for Android (.apk)

Horizon for PC (Linux, x64, .tar.gz)

Horizon for Raspberry Pi (.tar.gz)


Set up an account here.

Old Releases:

Old Releases for Android/iOS/Linux

Connection with Flight Gear:

Protocol definition for connecting to the FlightGear flight simulator

Readme: How to set up the FlightGear Flight Simulator with Horizon

*Note: It is recommended to download Horizon for Android via the Google PlayStore and for iOS via the AppStore. After installing “Horizon – Your Portable Glass Cockpit”, you can create and use your account with all functionalities for two months free of charge. After the first two months a payment is required to continue using your “Horizon”-account. An account is required to get support such as help, regular chart/terrain updates, etc.