3.3.3 Aircraft Setup

In the aircraft setup following information can be specified:
1. "V" speeds for correct colors in PFD and Airspeed Indicator
2. Call sign and 24-bit ICAO address for filtering the own aircraft from received traffic
3. Input configuration and calibration for built in avionics e.g. analog sensor inputs, counter sensor inputs (e.g. RPM), thermocouple inputs

For 3. click on "Configure Engine Sensors" to set the configuration / calibration for the selected aircraft.

For each engine sensor a name can be applied which is used for indications.

For each analog sensor a quantity can be specified depending on the output quantity of the sensor in use. The wiring is different depending on the quantity. Please read the manual for the respective built in avionics for more information.
Furthermore a pair of input/output values can specified to define the relationship of the measured quantity ( = output value, e.g. fuel level, oil pressure, ...) and the sensor output quantity (= input value, e.g. resistance, voltage, current).
Please have a look at the datasheet of the respective sensor and your built in avionics manual.

For each counter sensor an amount of ticks per revolution can be specified. This can also be used for unit conversion. By default the output is in RPM with one tick / revolution. By doubling the amount of ticks / revolution the RPM indication is halfed.

The configuration can be synchronized accross different devices via the Horizon cloud using Menu -> Synchronize.

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