3.2.4 Flightplans

A Flight Plan is a sequence of Procedures (e.g. Direct, Approach, Holding, ...). The most simple FlightPlan is a sequence of Direct Procedures, which can be created by sequentially selecting Chart Elements an pressing "D->" in the Procedure Dialog.
Flight Plans are automatically created when setting up Procedures. Each new Procedure is inserted after the current Procedure and becomes the new current Procedure.
The Flight Plans / the procedures always start at the current position. You can set an arbitrary position via the position simulator for planning purposes.
After you created all Procedures for you Flight Plan just select the one from which you want to start (by "< Proc", "Proc >" or the Flight Plan Dialog).
This exemplary Flight Plan consists of: Direct EDSP (Poltringen) -> Direct ESULI (GNSS/GPS fix) -> Approach Runway 25 EDDS (Stuttgart).
On top of the Flight Plan window you see the total distance, the estimated time for all procedures and the estimated fuel consumption for all procedures.

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