3.6 GDL90 devices

Third party devices for AHRS/Traffic/Weather can be used if they support the common GDL90 protocol.
Examples of such devices are: Stratux, Talos Aelus-Sense, Golze ADL200, ... . Other products also work provided they support GLD90.
To set up Horizon to use GDL90 just got to the "Sensor Setup" (Menu -> Setup -> Sensor Setup), choose "GDL90 compatible device" and press "Use".
The default settings (port 4000) are good for most devices. Don't forget to join the wifi network of your GDL90 device.

In case you want to use a mixture of GDL90 output and internal sensors you can set it up using the "Advanced Setup" (inside the Sensor Setup).
This can be useful for example if your GDL90 devices only provides ADS-B data but no position and attitude.
In the "Advanced Setup" you can add multiple sensor data sources.
To use a GDL90 device simultaneously with internal sensors for attitude and position add "Official SensorFusion" and "GDL90 compatible device".
Afterwards select the prefered source for each sensor data type.

You can calibrate GDL90 devices by setting an offset for pitch and roll and define how the altitude readings shall be interpreted. For this press the "Calib" button in the main menu bar after the GDL90 device has been set up.
For more calibration possibilities contact your device's manufacturer.

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