3.0.1 General Notes

Horizon basically consists of:

- Visualizations (Moving Map, Synthetic Vision, Classic Instruments, Side View, Glide Info,...)
- Sensor Interfaces (real Attitude and Position (Official SensorFusion), Logfiles, FlightGear Simulator, UDP)
- Charts from various data sources (e.g. Terrain, "Vector" Chart Data, Raster Images)

Visualizations (=Panels) are organized in pages. To switch between pages press the < or > button in the menu bar.
By default, pages are set up in a way that you can easily switch between fullscreen and split screen views as well as different panels depending on your needs.

Sensor Interfaces provide preprocessed sensor data for position, altitude, attitude, heading,... .
All Panels are rendered according to the sensor data provided by the currently used Sensor Interface.
By default, Official SensorFusion is selected as Sensor Interface which can provide real AHRS (Attitude and Heading) and position/altitude data. The quality heavily depends on the used hardware sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, GNSS/GPS). Many modern tablet devices have good sensors which can be used for attitude estimation. Nevertheless you may want to use our external SensorBox for enhanced reliability.
While using the Official SensorFusion as Sensor Interface you will be asked on each startup if you want to use AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System, reliable sensors required). Afterwards you can choose between internal gps or an external gps. If you use an internal gps, please make sure that your tablet is located at a position inside the cockpit where GNSS/GPS signals can be received.
Other sources of sensor data can be set by using the Sensor Setup.

Current chart data can be obtained for free via Menu->Download/Manage Charts assuming that you have a valid license for Horizon (see EULA for more details).

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