3.3.6 Using the Logbook

The logbook can automatically log takeoffs and landings including departure and arrival places and parameters of the current aircraft (see Aircraft Setup).
If you need to log block time instead of takeoff and landings you can switch off the automatic logging (Mode: Manual) and start/stop logging manually by using the Start/Stop button.
Inside the logbook menu all entries can be edited by a long tap. To edit/view the logbook with an external spreadsheet program (e.g. Libre Office Calc or MS Excel) you can export the logbook as CSV.
All logbook entries are automatically sorted based on the date and the departure time. The total time is adapted automatically.
Sometimes it may be necessery to combine multiple entries into one. To do this you can use the merge feature by selecting an entry and pressing the "Merge Up" (for merging with the previous entry) or pressing "Merge Down" (for merging with the next entry).
When two entries are merged the result has the departure place and time of the first entry and the arrival place and time of the second one.
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