3.4.1 Sensor Configuration

When starting 'Horizon' you will reach the following screen. Here you can select the sensor source you want to use.

Selecting 'Tablet/Phone Sensors (AHRS)' requires that your tablet/smartphone is equipped with the required sensors (GPS/GNSS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer) for AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System). These sensors then are used for providing accurate pose (position and rotation) information. If the internal sensors of your tablet/smartphone are not good enough for a reliable attitude determination you can use various external sensor sources or disable AHRS at startup and just go with the internal GPS (in that case your synthetic vision is not reliable due to missing information to display the rotation of the aircraft). Please see the following chapters for further details. Usually if your device is equipped with the required sensors, they are good enough for a reliable attitude determination. The most common sources of inaccuracy are bad calibration, bad mounting or movements of the sensors inside the cockpit during the flight. If you use internal sensors (gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer) you are still able to use an external GNSS/GPS Receiver via bluetooth.

In case you use an Apple device please note that Apple does not allow any app to use GPS or Bluetooth directly. On iOS devices it is therefore not possible to accurately determine GNSS/GPS quality and it is only possible to use an Apple certified external GNSS/GPS Receiver.

A very good choice is to use our external SensorBox which provides independent attitude information as well as traffic and ILS data. This external SensorBox is equipped with independent AHRS as well as two SDR antennas for reception of traffic and weather (ADS-B) and ILS. This box can easily be connected to 'Horizon' via Wi-Fi and then be selected in the sensor configuration profile list.

In case you have a device from TalosAvionics it can also be used within Horizon. Simply connect it via Wi-Fi with 'Horizon' and click the 'TalosAvionics Device' button to use the Talos box as sensor source.
The same thing applies for all other GDL90 devices as well (e.g. Stratux box). Once the GLD90 box is connected to 'Horizon' via Wi-Fi, just click 'Stratux or Compatible GDL90 Device' and you can use this external sensor box within 'Horizon'.

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