3.4.1 SensorFusion Setup

The "Official SensorFusion" Sensor Interface is responsible for providing accurate pose (position and rotation) information by using internal sensors or the external SensorBox as well as Traffic, Localizer and Glideslope information from the external SensorBox.

At startup you can currently choose between our SensorBox and the internal sensors with or without AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System).
If you have internal sensors which are not good enough for a reliable attitude determination you can either use our SensorBox or disable AHRS at startup and just go with the internal gps. Usually if your device is equipped with the required sensors, they are good enough for a reliable attitude determination. The most common sources of inaccuracy are bad calibration, bad mounting or movements of the sensors inside the cockpit during the flight.
The best option would be to use our external SensorBox which provides independent attitude information as well as traffic and ILS data.

If you use internal sensors (gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer) you are still able to use an external GNSS/GPS Receiver via bluetooth.
In case you use an Apple device please note that Apple does not allow any app to use GPS or Bluetooth directly. On iOS devices it is therefore not possible to accurately determine GNSS/GPS quality and it is only possible to use an Apple certified external GNSS/GPS Receiver.

There are settings for the internal sensors which can be changed via the Sensor Setup. These settings should only be changed by experts. Changing these values affects the attitude determination.

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