3.3.2 Chart Updates

Current Chart Updates can be downloaded for free given that you have a valid account for Horizon for your device (Menu->Download/Manage Charts).
An account can be created during startup (if no other account is set up already) or via our webpage at helios-avionics.com .

Use these steps to get the data you need:
1. Get the list of available downloads via "Check for available downloads".
2. Select the packages you want to install and press "Download and Install"
3. Wait until the downloads are finished

The following package types are currently available for download:
Data - all aviation related vector chart data (e.g. airports, airspaces, airways, fixes, navaids,...)
Image - raster chart data which can be displayed in the background of the Moving Map (e.g. VFR Sectional Charts)
Terrain - high quality (needs a lot of space) terrain data (elevations) which is required to get a 3D terrain indication in the Synthetic Vision and a terrain indication in the Moving Map
OSM - OpenStreetMap based vector data for taxiways, aprons, hangars, terminals, highways, railways, rivers, lakes,...
POI - Points of Interest (also OSM based) e.g. cities, peaks, lakes,...
Tiles - OpenStreetMap tiles / background raster charts with forests, lakes, cities, streets, etc...

Please read more about the countries included in each package in the following chapter:
3.3.4 Data Packages

Note: If you download Terrain or Raster Data it needs some time after the first restart to calculate data structures for faster access (MipMaps).
If you have no space left on your device you can move installed data to another path or remove data which is not needed.
It is strongly recommended to download only the data you need because some packages need a lot of memory. For example, all packages of the world wide terrain data together need approximately 30GB, while world wide vector data needs approximately 100MB at the moment.
You can see the required space for each packages in the "Available Downloads" list.
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