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Deposit for Aux-Box


Regular price: 699€

Price only valid during Friedrichshafen Messe: 499€

With the AuxBox, you can add sensors and connectors to your HHS solution that allow you to capture and present customized information in the HHS Visualizations.

The AuxBox has the following features:
– Pitot/Static tubes
– CAN Bus
– OAT Probe (outside air temperature)
– 4x connector for K-Type Thermocouple – Exhaust Gas Temp., Cylinder Hat Temp.
– 12x analog inputs, configurable for resistance (recommended <3000 Ohm), voltage (0-12V) or current (up to 20mA).
– 2x connector for piezo sensor (knock sensor) – detection of misfires for diagnostic purposes
– 2x connector for (proximity) switch (e.g., counting pulses)
– 2x RS232 + power supply for SensorBox
– 1x RS232 for external devices e.g.: Autopilot NMEA
– 1x power supply input 12-32V

Available on backorder

Category: Hardware

With this deposit you are reserving the desired device at a special, discounted price. Delivery will start in August 2021 due to high order demand and chip shortage.
Please note that the discounted prices will be only valid during Friedrichshafen Messe – 26-30 April 2022
Once you complete the order, please make sure you send us a correct email address and billing data so we can reach you once devices are available.

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