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Deposit for HHS10 advanced (Display+SensorBox+AuxBox)


Regular price: 3699€

Price only valid during Friedrichshafen Messe: 2999€

This 10 inch HHS solution can be installed directly into your cockpit panel and together with the SensorBox and AuxBox provides you with a fully comprehensive glass cockpit. The SensorBox and AuxBox can be mounted and installed directly in the device frame, so that they are unobtrusive to you as the pilot.

With a brightness of 1000 cd/m², the 10 inch touch screen guarantees you best control and identification of all elements, independently of the weather and light conditions you are flying in. In addition to the touchscreen, the buttons and rotary encoders ensure that the controls are very easy to operate in flight, even in turbulent situations.

Also, HHS offers easy and convenient connectivity to external data and hardware.

The HHS is robustly built to be able to cushion even larger impacts. Its housing also offers the best protection from interference from other flight computers or from excessive heat build-up.

In addition, the HHS has an integrated Li-Ion battery, which, in the event of a power failure, allows the HHS to continue running for up to 3 hours and thus to bring you safely to your destination. The backup GNSS/GPS and AHRS units also ensures reliable navigation at all times.

Available on backorder

Category: Ultralight

With this deposit you are reserving the desired device at a special, discounted price. Delivery will start in August 2021 due to high order demand and chip shortage.
Please note that the discounted prices will be only valid during Friedrichshafen Messe – 26-30 April 2022
Once you complete the order, please make sure you send us a correct email address and billing data so we can reach you once devices are available.

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