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Deposit for SensorBox (new) professional with FLARM


Regular price: 1999€

Price only valid during Friedrichshafen Messe: 1499€


The SensorBox is the perfect add-in for your HHS solution, independently whether you choose the 10 or 8 inch solution. When choosing the 10 inch solution, the SensorBox can even be installed directly in the device frame, so that it is unobtrusive to you as the pilot.

The SensorBox comes with the following sensors and functionalities:
– AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)
– Gas sensor (e.g., carbon monoxide)
– Pressure sensor (inside, as backup)
– ILS (Localizer, Glideslope reception) & ADS-B Traffic (1090 Mhz) – only for “SensorBox Advanced” & “SensorBox Professional”
– optional FLARM (in+out) – only for “SensorBox Professional”!
– Li Ion battery (for approx. 3h in case of electrical failure and for GPS receiver)
– GNSS/GPS receiver with active antenna (3 competing GNSS simultaneously + WAAS + EGNOS)
– optional 4G modem for mobile communication (e.g. automatic download of weather data for current flight plan in background) – only for “SensorBox Advanced” & “SensorBox Professional”
– Wifi (for connection with portable devices)
– Connections: 2xEthernet (for PFD/MFD), D-Sub 9 (RS232 from AuxBox and Power (12-32V)), antennas (GNSS/GPS, FLARM, ILS/ADS-B, Wifi, 4G)


The SensorBox Advanced extends the sensors and functionalities of the regular SensorBox by adding ILS, ADS-B and 4G for data connectivity, visualizing Instrument Approach Procedures, and for receiving and visualizing surrounding traffic within your HHS solution.


The SensorBox professional even extends the SensorBox Advanced by adding FLARM IN+OUT to it. That way, your HHS solution will receive and visualize all surrounding FLARM-equipped airplanes, and it will send your position to the surrounding aircraft as well.

Available on backorder

Category: Hardware

With this deposit you are reserving the desired device at a special, discounted price. Delivery will start in August 2021 due to high order demand and chip shortage.
Please note that the discounted prices will be only valid during Friedrichshafen Messe – 26-30 April 2022
Once you complete the order, please make sure you send us a correct email address and billing data so we can reach you once devices are available.

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