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Deposit for HHS8 professional/FLARM portable (Display+SensorBox+AuxBox)


Regular price: 3999€

Price only valid during Friedrichshafen Messe: 2999€

This 8 inch HHS solution, unlike the 10 inch solution of the HHS, is not installed directly into your cockpit panel. Instead, it will be attached to the panel. The 8 inch solution together with the SensorBox and AuxBox provides you with a fully comprehensive glass cockpit. The SensorBox and AuxBox can be mounted and installed behind the cockpit panel, so that they are unobtrusive to you as the pilot.

With a brightness of 1000 cd/m², the 8 inch touch screen guarantees you the best control and identification of all elements, independently of the weather and light conditions you are flying in.

The 8 inch HHS is the perfect solution for pilots not having enough space on their panel for a glass cockpit being integrated into the panel, but who still want to exploit the functionalities of a glass cockpit.

Available on backorder

Category: Ultralight

With this deposit you are reserving the desired device at a special, discounted price. Delivery will start in August 2021 due to high order demand and chip shortage.
Please note that the discounted prices will be only valid during Friedrichshafen Messe – 26-30 April 2022
Once you complete the order, please make sure you send us a correct email address and billing data so we can reach you once devices are available.

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