3.1.1 The 2D Moving Map

The 2D Moving Map shows (depending on your settings) "Vector" Chart Elements (such as Airports, Airspaces, Navaids, Fixes, Obstacles, Taxiways ...), Raster Charts (background images), terrain data (with warning colors if closer than 600ft), Points of Interest (city names, mountain names, etc.) as well as the current procedure.
Render Options

Activate the selection mode by touching somewhere on the Map.
You can now select, move and zoom with gestures or use the buttons from the menu.

To switch between north up (default) and track up mode please press the compass icon on the 2D Moving Map.

Flight plans can be adapted using drag and drop. Drag and drop can be enabled / disabled via the lock button.
When drag and drop is enabled you can insert a new waypoint by dragging the line representing your flight plan. As soon as you drop it a new waypoint is inserted into the flight plan.
Existing waypoints and procedure targets can be moved by dragging them around if applicable.
Intermediate fixes and procedure targets can be removed by dragging them on the trash can icon. Using the side / profile view you can alter the desired altitude for each fix inside the flight plan.

You need to install "Terrain" data packages to get terrain visualizations. For navigation and obstacle dependent indications regular "Data" packages need to be installed.

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