Mockup Helios Avionics Horizon Glass Cockpit

Horizon improves your flight experience by giving you constant control over your situational awareness.

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Four reasons for Horizon:

Fun of Flying

You will constantly have a comprehensive situational awareness, so that during flight you can focus on the fun of flying itself.

Intuitive and Clear

All relevant instruments are being displayed intuitively at a glance.


Horizon runs on your own tablet or smartphone in every airplane and is fully independent of the airplanes’ instruments.


Our reliable products and services led us to winning several contests as well as going into partnerships with other companies.

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Interested in independent attitude estimation and receiving ADS-B in order to see other traffic or interested in receiving Localizer and Glideslope (ILS)?

Then our external SensorBox might be of interest to you. It is equipped with external AHRS and two Software Defined Radio antennas for ADS-B and ILS reception.