Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to try Horizon for free? What is the coverage of the chart data provided for Horizon? Is Horizon designed for VFR or IFR? / Which kind of ChartElements are supported? Does Horizon provide 'real' attitude informations even with internal sensors? How can I use external sensors with Horizon and when will the external sensors be available? Which operating systems (like Android, iOS, ...) are supported? What about Traffic Pattern and Visual Reporting Points? What about Instrument Approach Procedures? How can I mount my tablet inside the cockpit? Why does it take so much time after downloading the terrain, raster chart or OSM data to calculate the terrain or mipmap levels? How can the AiRScouter (a head mounted display) be used with "Horizon - Your Portable Glass Cockpit"? How should the external SensorBox be mounted?