2.2 How to get an Accurate Attitude

2.2.1. Required sensors

A good Gyroscope, GPS or GNSS, Accelerometer and Magnetometer is required for a reliable attitude estimation.
These sensors are included in our external SensorBox and also in many tablet devices. If your tablet does not have the required sensors you need to use our external SensorBox or get another tablet for AHRS.

2.2.2. GPS or GNSS Reception

Although GPS is not required to get an attitude indication, it is the only source of speed information. Speed information is used to precisely derive lateral acceleration to improve the attitude estimation. Therefore, please make sure that you have a good GPS/GNSS reception for best accuracy.
This warning indicates if your pose (attitude and position) might have low accuracy due to a bad GPS / GNSS signal:

2.2.3. Calibration

For best accuracy please calibrate your gyroscope's error (bias) and the rotation of your sensors inside your cockpit. Read more at:
2.3 Calibration

2.2.4. Mounting

For best attitude accuracy your sensors need to be mounted in a fixed position inside the cockpit and must not move during flight. If you use internal sensors your whole device must not move during flight. Please read more at:
2.1 Mounting Instructions

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