3.4.3 Sensor Setup

In the Sensor Setup you can select your source of sensor data by selecting a Sensor Interface and pressing "Use".

Currently the following Sensor Interfaces are available:

- Official SensorFusion: Provides the current aircraft's attitude, position, altitude,... given that you are using good sensors (e.g. good internal sensors or the external SensorBox). It is also possible to connect to the radios of the external SensorBox and thereby receiving ADS-B, Localizer and Glideslope information.

- Logfile: Replays sensor data from a logfile. This causes Horizon to look like during the flight in which the Logfile was recorded.

- UDP (forwarded data): Receives sensor data from another tablet/smartphone.

- FlightGear Flight Simulator: Receives simulated data from the Flight Gear Flight Simulator

- XPlane Flight Simulator: Receives simulated data from the XPlane Flight Simulator

- FlyBox Autopilot + Sensors: Receives attitude, position and sends procedure deviation information to/from the FlyBox Autopilot System

- GDL90 compatible device: Receives position, attitude, traffic and weather data from a GDL90 compatible device (such as Stratux, Golze ADL200, uAvionix Sentry etc...).

In the Advanced Setup you can add multiple sources of sensor data and assign different sources to different types of sensor data. This is usually not required and recommended only to be used by experts.
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